Ned Devine’s, Herndon, VA

Ned Devines Irish Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I had lunch today at Ned Devine’s on Centreville Rd, just south of the Dulles Tollway.

This purports to be an Irish bar. I had a Shepards Pie for lunch, and it was really, really good. Hotter than heck, right out of the oven, very tasty and not too huge. The iced tea was very good also. Total check was about $10.

The only thing about this place, was it smelled smoky in there. I wondered if the place was a smoking area in the evenings or weekends.


One Response to “Ned Devine’s, Herndon, VA”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    After a really nice hike, I had dinner here tonight. I got the Traditional Pub Steak, which is really a hamburger steak with brown mushroom gravy. It was OK, the mashers were OK. The steamed veg needed a bit more time in the steamer. The tea was good.

    My server was not terribly attentive. She would rush up and then rush off.

    If I eat here again, I would get the Shepard’s Pie again. The Pub Steak was OK, but the Shepard’s Pie was far better.

    I could smell the cigarette smoke from the deck several times during the meal.

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