Eischen’s in Okarche, OK

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We took advantage of a lovely spring day for the family and a set of grandparents to head NW to Okarche, OK for dining at Eischen’s Bar.

The one-way mileage was 41 miles. A long way to drive for a lupper, some might say. Well, I’d do it again. Eischen’s forte is fried chicken. As fried chicken goes, it was perfect. The skin was thin and crispy, the breading just right, not too thick. The chicken was really tasty and moist, not runny and greasy.

We also got a BBQ beef sandwich (it was OK, nothing special) and a batch of fried okra. The okra was very good, again not greasy.

The six of us (two kids and four adults) got two full chickens, the okra, the BBQ sandwich, and two cans of soft drink for $35 even. That’s not bad value.

We were there on St. Patricks Day, so there was green beer in the glasses and green sand on the floor. The chicken wasn’t green, fortunately. We got there at 1400, and got a table immediately.

One gripe. They do not serve iced tea. Why, I don’t know. Fried chicken and iced tea are as American as iced tea and BBQ. Get with the program, Eischen’s!

They only take cash or checks (checks?). No plastic. The bank around the corner has an ATM.

I would not mind them doing to cube steak what they do for chicken; I’d bet that would really be good.

We also visited Strohs Surplus there in Okarche. It was kind of cool.


One Response to “Eischen’s in Okarche, OK”

  1. R Says:

    Not serving iced tea in Oklahoma ought to be against state law. Just sayin’.

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