Earls BBQ

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I love BBQ.

Most “BBQ” isn’t true BBQ, where they smoke the meat under low heat for a loooooong time, using an hardwood like oak or hickory. If you go to someplace like TGI Fridays, they really grill their ribs.

Earls is a chainlet in OKC that smokes the meat, and it’s pretty darn good. I have eaten at the Earls on Western, north of 63rd (which I think is the original), and at the Earls in Edmond.

We ate at the Edmond location tonight. It’s not quite as good as the Western location; maybe their smoker isn’t as broken in. I got the Big Earl (two meats), brisket and chicken. They were both pretty good. The inside of the chicken was a bit dried out, but not too bad. I got baked beans (good) and cole slaw (YUCK, it had cut up bell peppers in it). I ended up trading in the slaw for fries; they were excellent.

The turkey is uniformly excellent. The potato salad was OK, but it needed mustard.

We finished up with peach cobbler ala mode. Yum, yum, yum.

On a scale of 1 to JTs, about a 7.


3 Responses to “Earls BBQ”

  1. Bill Hensley Says:

    Additional information: Today we tried to eat at the Earls on Western, but it is closed Sunday. Too bad. We went down the street to the Hideaway Pizza and did quite well.

  2. R Says:

    The turkey is uniformly excellent. The pulled pork is usually very good. Great tea, good peach cobbler, decent fried okra. I’m glad one can get a “Small Earl” plate as well.

  3. Bill Hensley Says:

    One more info: Earl’s was open this Sunday evening, and we got some dinner there. Great stuff.

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