Something cool to watch

Today I went down to a Girl Scout camp to fetch Raegan from a weekend of training. I took Erin as she is also a GS, and wanted to see this campsite.

Between Blanchard and Lindsey, OK, we happened across a newborn calf and it’s mother cow. The cow still was trailing placenta components. Erin and I spent about 15 min of quality time watching from about 30 yards away. The calf was trying to learn to get up. It really worked at it, and in the end, it was up with all four legs sticking out in different directions, but it was enough for the calf to start getting some milk right from the tap(s).

During this process, the cow checked Erin and I out a couple times (protective, I would imagine), and several of the other cows looked at us as well.

This was a really neat learning experience for Erin, and I really enjoyed watching it with her. I have seen a couple of calfs born over the years, but I’m guessing that most kids don’t get the experience. I’m glad she did.

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