Avenue Grill, Nebraska City, NE

Avenue Grill on Urbanspoon

I left Offutt AFB one recent Friday to drive back to OKC. Didn’t have any breakfast to speak of and had worked all morning, I was hungry. I got to Nebraska City about a half hour later, and cruised the main east-west drag looking for lunch.

I settled on the Avenue Grill. Turns out that Thursday and Friday, they have “famous fried chicken”. Since I love fried chicken, that was the choice.

A bad start – the iced tea had a bad coffee taste. I turned it back in and got water.

The salad was a standard green salad, but it had a really good ranch dressing. The chicken was excellent. The server told me that the chicken is hand breaded in buttermilk and dragged in fine breading, then deep fried for a couple minutes, then finished off in a skillet. It was a heck of a mess, but really tasty. The chicken pieces were not huge, but I got two breast pieces and a wing. The meal came with really good mashed potatoes and yellow poultry gravy that was OK.

I do not usually get desert, but they had real chocolate cake, hot, with ice cream. I had it and it was a really nice way to finish the meal.

Recommended, but check the iced tea first.


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