Kumback Cafe, Perry, OK

Kumback Lunch on Urbanspoon

As I neared OKC coming back from Omaha, I remembered a recommendation from a coworker on a great restaurant in Perry.

I lived in Stillwater for six years, but never really did any exploration of Perry. It has a nice downtown that is kind of emblematic of older Oklahoma towns, a BIG courthouse surrounded by a square of shops and such. The Kumback Cafe is on the north side of the square.

I got there around 1945. The Kumback closes at 2000, but they were just welcoming. A further word about that, the four people working there were just super friendly. I got to speak to each of them, and they were all super nice.

My heart was set on the Chicken Fried Steak, but one of the staff cruised past my table with a pair of ribeyes that just smelled fantastic (note to self, get BOTH next time).

The CFS was the best one I have had in a while, it was fork tender, and very large. I never used the steak knife, didn’t need it. The CFS was also quite tasty. It was served with sufficient gravy, and extra gravy on the side. Mashed potatoes and green beans rounded out the entree. The potatoes were pretty darn good, but I could have eaten three servings of the green beans. They had onion and bacon in them, and were delicious.

They got confused and thought I had my salad already, and when I asked for it, I got a friendly ration of crap, it was a lot of fun. The salad had a ranch dressing that I associate with a couple places, first of all every single Air Force Base O-Club, and a joint we used to eat in down in Waco, TX. It’s a creamy ranch that is perfect for being squeezed from a bottle. I’m sure it’s bad for you, but it is really good on crackers.

Perrys downtown is right off US 77, which exits I-35 to the south of the main part of Perry. This place is on the list for any trip north out of OKC.


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