Ray’s Cafe, OKC

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Raegan and the kids had eaten a couple times at this diner and really liked it. After dropping off Ian for his 8th grade class outing, we headed over there for some breakfast. Or brunch.

I got the Chicken Fried Steak with two eggs, hash browns, and biscuits and gravy. It was not the best I have ever had, but it was also far from the worst. And for $6.25, it was decent value. The iced tea was good and the service was too. Raegan got the French Toast and liked it (I had a half piece and thought it was good also). The bacon Erin got was absolutely PERFECT. Just crunchy enough and very tasty. The sausage links with the French Toast were white meat sausage (like Blue and Gold) and very good.

In spite of eating like hogs, the three of us got out for $24 including a nice tip. We were in there around 1045 and went right to a table. They close Saturday and Sunday at 1330 (we found this out the hard way yesterday, which is how we ended up at Beverly’s).

Ray’s is about 100 ft east of the intersection of May and 50th.

Update: 27 June 2009

We ate here this afternoon after picking up our daughter from camp and returning to OKC. We met some friends, and the company was excellent.

Raegan got a BLT and I got a taco salad. She liked hers, and I thought mine was really good. We finished off with Cobbler (mine was peach, hers blackberry), both with ice cream. Erin got deep fried shrimp, and Ian got a cheeseburger (both liked) (I liked his cheeseburger, as I snagged a bite before he noticed). Both kids liked their dinner.

It was all good, the iced tea was excellent, the service was excellent. Our check was $36.

03 October 2009 Update:

We’ve eaten here numerous times since the last entry, but today I got something I didn’t like.

I got the 1/3 lb cheeseburger (as did Ian and Erin), and it was really, really good. For my side, I got chili. The chili… I didn’t like. It was not actually bad, but it tasted funny. The chili had a taste that neither Raegan or I could identify. It wasn’t too spicy hot, it wasn’t bad/rotted meat, but I just couldn’t figure the taste out. So the bottom line, no more chili from Ray’s. Cheeseburger, yes.


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