Chili’s at Belle Isle, OKC

Chili's Grill & Bar on Urbanspoon

Since I really love eating (if you know me well enough, you know my saying about why food is more important than sex), I really like talking about restaurants and food.

This is not a good one. There is a Chili’s at the Belle Isle shopping center on Classen, just north of Northwest Expressway. We went there the other night when we did not feel like cooking. We also had a gift card that was just dying to be used.

This Chili’s is the closest to our normal routes of travel, so it gets more than occasional business from us. Unfortunately, the past four or five meals there have not been very good.

Raegan and I got fajitas that evening, mixed chicken and beef. The chicken was burned/charred on the outside. That was remedied easily enough by trimming at bit, but the meal as a whole was just not tasty. It was bland. I tried Ian’s chicken tenders; they were soggy. The service was not very good.

While the service for our past couple visits has been variable, there was at least one server that was outstanding (good outstanding). But the food has really not been that good. I’ve had steak and smothered chicken dish there also recently. The steak went back since it was charred beyond recognition, and the smothered chicken was just OK.

There are several other Chili’s that I go to, but they are all in other cities. I have no problem with those restaurants.


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