Ted’s Cafe Escondido, OKC

Ted's Cafe Escondido (Suburban Northside) on Urbanspoon

We try to eat at this Tex-Mex place a couple times a month. We usually eat at the location at 65th and May, but tonight we ate at the Edmond location. I’ve been to the location on Western south of I240 also. All are uniformly excellent.

I really like their fajitas, and the enchiladas (I get one chicken and one ground beef), and the burritos. All are good. The fajitas are never burned.

Their queso is perfect. Their salsa is OK, there is a bit much cilantro in it, and it’s not spicy at all. The iced tea is excellent. I got a Coke there one time, and it was really nice and sryupy.

The service is always just excellent. Management almost always visits the table each time we are there to find out how things are, and don’t do the “fly-by-hows-it-tonight” routine.


One Response to “Ted’s Cafe Escondido, OKC”

  1. R Says:

    Ted’s has THE best salsa in the city! I can eat it as a side dish, straight. Their guacamole is excellent, tortillas thick and freshly-made, and the chimichangas are always the best.


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