The Hideaway, Pizzaria

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I love The Hideaway’s pizza. It was not always so, but I’ve been making up for lost time since then.

The first time I got to eat Hideaway Pizza, it was in Stillwater in 1979. It was a very poor experience. One of my friends had a girlfriend that was being stalked by an ex-roommate. My friend and I were going to hide his girlfriend out in a house that another friend was living in, but was unknown to the stalker. Got that? So that evening, we were watching pirated cable HBO (for which the statute of limitations has run out, I’m sure), and we got hungry. We ordered Hideaway pizza (which was less than a half mile away). The pizza did not arrive for more than two hours, it was stone cold, and had a puddle of grease that had eaten away part of the bottom of the cardboard box. The pizza was NOT good. It tasted actively bad. This stuff, thought I, sux, big time.

Time passed, and many adventures were had. I lost my girlfriend (although she did not break up with me until last Fall, apparently; that’s another weird story). I got married. My friend’s girlfriend’s stalker disappeared. My friend and his girlfriend got married (I don’t think those two events were directly connected). Other things happened. It’s now 1983. In the meantime, I had resisted many invitations and suggestions to eat at The Hideaway. The memory of that terrible pizza when I was a freshman stuck with me. However, during the summer semester, my friend and fellow COMSC student Paul talked me into eating at Hideaway after a Pepsi-fueled all-day coding session. So a group of us went. We ordered breaded and fried mushrooms and (I think) pepperoni pizza. Oh my, oh my, what a difference! It was GREAT! I went back a couple days later with my friend Tammy, and it was just as good! Maybe the initial delivery was the problem. I never figured it out, but since then I have eaten several truckloads of Hideaway pizza.

After I moved to OKC, I still ate a lot of Hideaway during my frequent return visits to Stillwater. But a couple years ago, Hideaway was franchised and opened up several locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. I got back into the habit of eating mass quantities of the stuff. It’s still really, really good.

Tonight, my cute but very demanding roommate and our daughter (we had dropped our son with his Scout troop to go off on a weekend adventure) went to The Hideaway on North Western in OKC. We had not been there for about a week. We got a couple orders of cheese garlic bread, and the main event, a large pizza, half Canadian Bacon, and half Canadian Bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and hamburger. Both sides with extra cheese. Yum! The Hideaway has good iced tea. Occasionally, the tea has a coffee taste, but when it is mentioned to the server or management, it gets cleared up real fast. We like the 50/50, an appetizer of fried breaded mushrooms and fried cheese (which is somewhat misnamed, as it is about 90% mushroom by volume). One thing about The Hideaway, several times they have messed up our order (for example, by forgetting an ingredient). The default cure is to bring you the pizza anyway, and immediately cook one to order, which is delivered in a to-go box at no charge. This does not happen often, needless to say.

We’ve been back to the original The Hideaway in Stillwater several times over the years, and it’s just as good. We’ve also been to several of the Hideaways in the OKC area, including the Bricktown Ballpark, and to two locations in Tulsa. They are all really good.

26 June 2009 Update:

We ate at the Hideaway in Oklahoma City, on Western, this evening. For the first time in a long time, we had an order screwed up. My daughter ordered a small Alfredo pizza, but a “standard” red sauce pizza was served. We pointed it out, and a bit later another pizza arrived, this one Alfredo. No charge. And the “wrong” pizza was still very good.

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2 Responses to “The Hideaway, Pizzaria”

  1. R Says:

    Who is this roommate of which you speak?

    My favorite pizza there is the Paradise Pie–thin crust, garlic alfredo sauce, chicken, white cheeses, spinach, mushrooms, fresh tomatos, bacon. Mmmmmmmmm….. They have very good Caesar salads, too.

  2. flashplayer Says:


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