A childhood memory

I grew up in Muskogee, OK. Our family watched KTUL Channel 8 (the ABC affiliate out of Tulsa) almost exclusively, including for the news.

The weather guy on Channel 8 was Don Woods. He drew a sketch of a little guy he called “Gusty” at the end of each weather segment; the sky above Gusty reflected the forecast for the next day. People asked for the drawings, and the drawing of the day would be sent to them, with the name of the requestor announced on the air (very cool!).

I wrote off and asked for a Gusty at one point, and actually heard my name announced one evening. To my surprise, during a massive garage cleaning that’s been going on for the past two weeks, I found my Gusty!

Gusty drawn around March 1971

Gusty drawn around March 1971

I imagine that I should say that the drawing is copyright 1971, Don Woods (he is the artist, after all). Mr. Woods, wherever you are, Thanks!

14 June 2009 update:

Alan Chalk found this URL for Gusty stuff. Thanks, Alan!



One Response to “A childhood memory”

  1. Alan Chalk Says:

    Wow!! I remember those drawings. I loved watching him draw those and the little stories he would tell. One of the reasons i liked watching the weather.

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