Van’s Pig Stand

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We picked Erin up from St. Crispin’s camp outside of Seminole today, and joined an old friend and her kids for dinner at Van’s. We ate at the location in Shawnee, OK, on Harrison.

This is the fifth or sixth time we’ve been to this location. We have also eaten at the location in south Shawnee, and I’ve been to the one in Moore. All were good, but the Harrison location is best, I think.

I got a two-meat with ribs and chicken. The ribs were good, but seemed a bit dry and were fairly tender. The chicken was very tasty, although also a bit dry. The green beans were excellent, and the baked beans were also.

Raegan got a two-meat with turkey and pork. She also got a some pecan pie, so I got about half of hers. I really liked both the pork and turkey, although again, the turkey was a bit dry.

Ian got the rib dinner and liked it, and Erin got the turkey dinner and liked it also. The total tab for the four of us was right at $50.

I wonder if we had the last of the meat, since we got there around 1300. Maybe the stuff had been sitting in the warmer for a while and got a bit dry. I’ve always had good meat there before.

The iced tea was great as always.

We ate a lot of meals at the location in south Shawnee, but the quality was variable. A couple years ago, we tried the Harrison location, and aside from today, the quality has always been good (it wasn’t bad today, it should be noted, just things were a bit dry).


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