Cindi’s NY Deli and Restaurant, Dallas, TX

Cindi's New York Style Deli on Urbanspoon

While on our couple-only trip to Dallas, my cute but hungry roommate and I decided to have lunch together. We decided that we would like to try a local deli or sandwich shop, and our fallback would be a Jason’s Deli a couple miles away. From the Embassy Suites atrium, I fired up Google Maps on my Blackberry, and did a map search for “deli”. The first entry was for Cindi’s, and happily enough the location was only a mile or so away to the south.

We got there just a bit after noon, and had about a 10-minute wait. We checked out the baked goods, they looked fantastic. They had little mice made out of icing, with almond flakes for ears, and similar stuff. Pretty creative.

We got the menu, and after reading it Raegan remarked something to the effect of “this is an incredible fusion of deep south, southwest, Asian, and Jewish cuisines”. It really had a lot of different stuff on it.

I ended up getting a Tuesday lunch special of roast beef with mashed potatoes and green beans. The meat was fairly tender and had a really nice taste. The brown gravy was also good, but there was (as usual) not enough. The green beans were really good.

Raegan ordered a stuffed avocado salad. It was easily enough for two people to eat as a main course. She really liked it.

I had iced tea also, it was very good.

The service was good even though the place was very busy. There were seniors, families with kids, business types, and more. It was a real cross section of society. We decided that Cindi’s are on the list of acceptable places to eat.

We both remarked that Cindi’s had the feel of a “throwback” to a blue-plate special kind of restaurant. This is not a bad observation, we both remember those old time restaurants with fondness, for the simplicity of the fare and the economical costs.

The tab for the two of us was $21.49. We were at the central location, just south of I-635 on the west side of US-75.


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