Kracky McGees, Omaha, Eppley Airport (OMA)

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This will be short.

I have twice eaten at this eatery while waiting for a flight out of OMA. It’s behind the security checkpoint for the airport terminal.

I have ordered the BBQ pork sandwich twice. For an airport restaurant, it’s not bad. I also had chili-cheese fries. They have decent iced tea. The check was $13.03.

The service was pretty fast. The place is open air so you can people watch if you want. You could do worse than eat here while waiting for a flight to depart.

Update 29 April 2012:

I’ve had breakfast at KMs twice in the past couple weeks. Once I got the sausage and egg breakfast burrito. It was much better than my expectations. The eggs were scrambled there (not re-constituted) and the sausage was re-purposed pizza sausage.

I also have had the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. Decent, especially when I was in a hurry and the flight departure was close.

They have milk (good and cold!), and decent iced tea. You could do far worse.


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One Response to “Kracky McGees, Omaha, Eppley Airport (OMA)”

  1. Larry Says:

    The service I received from Linda K was unacceptable. She was excessively rude. I noticed other employees being very nice and delivering good customer service but unfortunately I got Linda K. Not good at all. Maybe an afternoon shift so she could get some sleep would help.

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