Pete’s Place, Krebs, OK

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My earliest memory of this restaurant is around 1969. A number of my maternal family had driven to Robbers Cave State Park for the day, and we all came back through Krebs specifically to eat at Pete’s. I don’t know if it was during that earliest memory, but at one point, we kids had left such a mess that the (presumably) experienced server came into the room and repeatedly said “Oh my god!” repeatedly, and loudly.

I’m sure that my brother caused THAT.

Raegan and I stopped at Pete’s while driving from the Dallas area back to OKC yesterday (yes, it’s a little out of the way, but I think worth it). We got there about 1900. Surprisingly, there was no line, so we were shown straight to our room.

Pete’s used to be a big farmhouse. I think that it was rebuilt extensively about 15 years ago, but it still has a large number of rooms where you can eat semi-privately. I think (not sure) that there is at least one multi-customer dining area, but it’s not very big (maybe eight tables). I cannot remember not eating in one of the semi-private rooms at any recent time.

I have always ordered steaks at Pete’s. The menu I remember from back in the 80’s only had about four items on it, but now, they include a fish, a number of pasta dishes, and two steaks (a sirloin and a ribeye). The meal always starts out with a plain lettuce salad that is tossed in a very plain oil and vinegar dressing. You also get some peppers, cheese, and olives.

When the main course is served, it comes with a BIG platter of spaghetti and meat sauce, some ravioli, and meatballs. This is served family style, and as long as you eat it, you get more. It’s a very good meat sauce. The meatballs are heavy on the bread or filling. There are pretty good. If you have more than four, you get two platters.

I got a ribeye this time. The food arrived VERY fast. I ordered it medium, but I think it was closer to medium rare (probably why it got there so quickly). There was a significant amount of red juice on the plate. The taste was very, very good. The meat was not fork tender, but it was close to fork tender. I left not a scrap on the plate. There is no potato served with the meal (I don’t know if you could order one), but we put away more than half of the spaghetti.

I like the combination of steak and spaghetti.

Raegan got Chicken Parmesan. She pronounced it “OK”. I tried it (and in fact had her leftovers for lunch today) and liked it. A lot of times Chicken Parmesan has way too much breading, but in this case it was well done.

They have good iced tea there. The service is usually very good. You get to take home the spaghetti and such that you don’t eat (that and Raegan’s leftovers were my lunch today).

The check for the two of us was right at $50.00. I think it is worth it (which is why I don’t mind driving out of my way to eat there). I do not think I’ve ever had a steak that I had to send back. In fact, when they err, they err on the side of undercooked, like this time.


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