La Greek, Midwest City, OK

La Greek on Urbanspoon

A group of work friends and I ate at this restaurant for lunch today. I do not eat at Greek restaurants often, which is too bad.

The traditional meal in a Greek restaurant involves gyros. They are good. At La Greek, I got what is essentially an open-faced gyros. The meat was laid out on a sliced up piece of pita bread. It had some yogurt dressing on the side, and a very good salad tossed in a vinaigrette. I asked for rice instead of pomme frites, since I think rice goes better with the meal. The gyros beef was very good, tender and tasty, and the yogurt dressing was also. The meal came with a drink; I got my usual iced tea, but it was not very good: there was a kind of strong aftertaste to it. I ended up dumping it out, rinsing the cup, and getting DP instead. My check was about $10 for lunch.

This place is just north of 29th street on Douglas, on the west side of the road. Being so close to Tinker, I should have been eating here more. That will be corrected in the future.


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