Poblano Grill, Midwest City, OK

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A largish group of us ate at the Poblano Grill in Midwest City for lunch today. The Poblano is on Douglas, just south of 15 street. There are a couple other Poblanos in the OKC area, but I don’t remember eating at another others.

The service was pretty good. I thought the salsa was kind of bland, except every once in a while, there would be a hotter pocket. I liked the queso. I mixed some salsa in it, and that was pretty good.

I ordered the dual enchaladas, one chicken, one ground beef, with chili con carne on both, rice and beans. What was delivered was as ordered, except that there was sour cream sauce on the chicken. There was also a complete other lunch properly prepared. One came home with me (now that’s a rarity, Bill taking uneaten food home from a restaurant). The lunch I ate was pretty darn good. Nothing left on the plate.

I got iced tea, it was good. I did run out a couple times, but not for long. Kevin asked if they had sweet tea, and was told they had raspberry tea. No, said I, you don’t have sweet tea, you have weird syrup.

Nonetheless, the place was pretty good. I’d go back.


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