Winghouse, Largo, FL

Winghouse on Urbanspoon

OK, so let’s be up front about it, this place is a knockoff of Hooters. Or Hooters is a knockoff of Winghouse.

Regardless, the wings at Wnghouse are better than the wings at Hooters.

A couple work friends and I had lunch here today, at the location on Ulmerton. I got a pulled pork sandwich. It was not just super outstanding BBQ, but it was not bad at all. I also got “Dallas style” wings, which had a nice BBQ coating on them. They were really good wings too, lots of meat on them, and nice and juicy. The iced tea was good. Service was pretty good. I don’t remember what Harold and Ray got, but I think they liked it.

My check was $19.00. Kind of high, but I added the 10 wings to my order for us to share.


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One Response to “Winghouse, Largo, FL”

  1. Harold Says:

    I got French Dip sandwich with Aus jus. and chips and regular coke.
    It was good.

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