Don and Millies, Omaha, NE

Don & Millie's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

There are a couple of these restaurants in the Omaha area. We ate at the Harrison and 132nd location today for lunch. There is another one on Cornhusker just west of US 75 in Bellevue.

This place claims to have the best cheeseburger in America. I got a Double Don, and while I can’t say it’s the best in America, it’s pretty darn good, and I would gladly get another one. Raegan and I split an order of onion rings, and they were excellent. Onion rings don’t need to be huge – they don’t cook well, and the breading gets all screwed up. These were smallish, and cooked perfectly. I got a cup of chili with the meal, and it was really good. A bit of beans in it, but not too many, and perfect for spiciness.

Raegan and Erin got loaded baked potatoes and liked them. Ian got a standard cheeseburger and wolfed it down.

Erin got some cheese freenchies, which we thought looked kind of like a deep-fried grilled cheese. She didn’t like it very much.

We also each got a very good chocolate chip cookie.

The iced tea was excellent. One note – they do not take AmEx. We were OK since we had both cash and MasterCard.


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