Julio’s, Omaha, NE

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We picked this place more or less at random for dinner tonight. Used my Blackberry and Google Maps to search for “restaurant”.

This place was really good. We all walked out with food left over (very rare, especially for me). I am used to restaurants having two enchiladas; I usually get one beef and on chicken. The server noted that there was just one per order, but then noted that “they are pretty good sized”. For the record, she was not wrong. My beef enchilada was almost two inches in diameter and stuffed with very tasty ground beef. The cheese and stuff was on the OUTSIDE.

My very cute and Tex-Mex loving roommate got a chicken enchilada that tasted even better than my ground beef selection.

Erin got beef and cheese quesadillas in the kids size, and liked them. Ian got fajitas, mixed chicken and beef. I had some of each, and while Ian didn’t like them (“they tasted funny”, which translates to different than what I’m used to), I thought they were outstanding. They had some subtle taste that was really good, on top of and enhancing the meat taste.

I also got a cup of white chicken chili that was very flavorful, and had just enough bite for you to notice. The chips were interesting, a mix of traditional chips and tortilla that was cut up and lightly deep fried. The salsa was very good, I thought it was mild+, but Raegan and the kids thought it was more medium+ in spiciness.

The iced tea was really good. Our check for four came to $43.


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One Response to “Julio’s, Omaha, NE”

  1. JdSchooley ~ poetry Says:

    julio’s, probably the best Tex Mex in Omaha! a great place!

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