Double D’s Family Restaurant, El Dorado, KS

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As we cruised through central KS coming back from Omaha last week, my very cute and occasionally very specific roommate made an announcement – she wanted fried chicken for dinner. We were near the southern end of the Flint Hills Scenic Byway, and the end town did not have a single restaurant, much less one with fried chicken. I suggested Stroud’s in Wichita (where there is killer fried chicken), but it was deemed too far away in the face of impending starving hungriness).

So we cruised the 20 miles into El Dorado, and used the Blackberry’s Google Maps function to find Double D’s. It looked promising.

The Double D’s is attached to a local hotel in El Dorado. We went in and were seated right away. Unfortunately, the menu had no fried chicken, but it did have Chicken Fried Chicken (which might sound the same, but it’s most assuredly not).

I ordered the roast beef dinner, Raegan got the CFC, Erin got a kids cheeseburger, and Ian got a regular cheeseburger.

Raegan’s CFC was very good. In fact, it was the best meal of the bunch. It didn’t come with enough cream gravy, but that was easily fixed.

Ian’s cheeseburger was pretty good and didn’t last long in the face of a kids hunger.

Erin’s kids cheeseburger was the same size bun as Ian’s, but the meat was torn in half. She was a little put out. I was also, but it was truth in advertising.

My roast beef was not that good. It was a small helping, and the roast beef was inch-or-so cubes that didn’t have much taste to them. The brown gravy was the same stuff that we can buy in packets at the grocery store and mix on the stove; the best that can be said is that it didn’t taste bad. The mashed potatoes were good, as was the corn.

The service was a bit slow, but the place was not very busy either.

Our check was just a tad under $30. Would I eat here again? I dunno, probably not. The menu had a bunch of other genres on it, including tex-mex. Maybe we just didn’t get the right thing. But the place was mainly patronized by older country folk and a couple families, and that would have led me to believe it was a lot better than what we got. I’m used to getting really good food (if you’ve ever heard my comment about eating and sex, you’ll know where I stand on this topic). Maybe they had an off day/evening, or we were there a bit late (we got there around 1930, they closed at 2100).

So I’d probably try it again. Unless I did some research before I go to El Dorado again, and find a better place to try.

Oh, and the Double D’s are the two people that run it (e.g. Debbie and Donna; I don’t remember the real names), NOT a bra size.


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