China Olive, Oklahoma City

China Olive on Urbanspoon

This small restaurant (it has four tables total) is in a strip shopping center in SE OKC. It’s just south of the intersection of SE 89th and Sooner. I ate there with a couple work friends on 29 July.

I don’t eat a lot of Chinese/Asian food, but there are some things I really like (curry comes to mind). My typical meal at a Chinese restaurant is Sweet and Sour Chicken or Port and fried rice. I also really like Egg Drop Soup. China Olive has all of these, and it is all very good. The menu is extensive, I’ll bet there are 30 items on it.

They do not make iced tea here. If you want a drink, you can grab a soft drink or water out of the cooler.

Once or twice we’ve gone in there and all the tables were full. In one case, we just took the food to the office we were visiting in the same building, and in the other case we toted it back to the Northrop building.

This is a basic order it and they cook it place. It’s fast and inexpensive and good.


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