Someplace Else, Oklahoma City

Someplace Else Deli & Bakery on Urbanspoon

A work friend and I ate at this restaurant a couple years ago for lunch. It was pretty good.

Yesterday a couple work friends and I went to Someplace Else again. It was pretty good again.

I got a meatball sandwich on wheat bread with Sun Chips. It was messy and had a lot of meatballs, and a lot of marinara. They didn’t have any Parmesan cheese, unfortunately. The meatballs were mostly meat with some bread, instead of the other way around. The marinara was really good. Someplace Else is also a bakery. I got five (small) peanut butter cookies and a snicker-doodle. The snicker-doodle was good, but the PB cookies were crumbly and not all that tasty. I think they lacked the PB part. They have iced tea and it’s good also. My check was $7.50. The cookies were $1.50.

The last time I went to Someplace Else I got a brisket sandwich. It was pretty good also, and so I had wanted to come back and try other stuff.

Someplace Else is on Western just about 100ft south of 23rd Street. We got there about 1130 and the place was already filling up. It’s not large.


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