Chuck House restaurant, Edmond, OK

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OK, we ended up here in a most pathetic way. After school, we were all hungry and wanted to eat NOW. Since three of us were in NW OKC, and Ian was at home in NE OKC, it was either pick something up and take it home or drive home and get Ian and head to an eatery. We had no agreement except that Dad’s three suggestions were all shot down by the female wing of the family, so we pointed the car towards home and picked up Ian. We headed towards Edmond and drove down 2nd street, while nothing appealed to us (which is to say, Dad made suggestions and the rest of the family shot them down; notice a trend here?). We turned down Broadway and eventually drove past Chuck House, which I’ve noticed several times in the past. So I said, how about that place, and out of general apathy we turned into the parking lot.

Now, I must say that any place with the slogan “Best Chicken Fried Steak In The Universe” has some proving to do. Chuck House is in a former KFC location, but the parking lot was pretty full, even at 1745.

A side note, the menu said that the Edmond location is the second Chuck House location. I checked Google Maps, and the original location is at 10th and Meridian. I remembered seeing that location over the years, as I used to do a lot of driving around that part of Oklahoma City, but not so much recently.

Anyway, we ordered. I got (what else?) a Chicken Fried Steak dinner. I also got a bowl of chili. That chili was really good, no beans, and decent flavor, not too spicy. The CFS came with mashed potatoes and gravy. The mashed potatoes were, well, bland. I really like potatoes, the taste and texture can be wonderful. These were just bland. The gravy was good, a bit thick, but had a good flavor and wasn’t peppered out. The chicken fried steak was pretty darn good. It was tender and had a good beef flavor. It didn’t have too much breading. The real test was that I could cut it with a fork without any effort.

Raegan got a steak sandwich. I nipped off a bite of the CFS and it was just as good as my dinner. She ate most of the sandwich and took the rest home for lunch tomorrow.

Ian got chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, and corn. He ate about half the chicken and the corn, and none of the mashed potatoes. His appetite has not come back since his encounter with H1N1, and we are not really encouraging him to go into power-eating mode.

Erin got a grilled cheese and ate all of it.

We also got a chocolate cake dessert that was very good.

I got iced tea, and it was OK, but there was a bit of aftertaste. Just a bit. A touch of the sweet tea added to the glass erased that aftertaste.

So is it the best CFS in the universe? No. I still find the CFS at Ozona in Dallas to be better, along with the CFS at Cheddar’s, and at The Embers in Nebraska City, and a couple other places. But it was pretty darned good! I’ve had plenty of CFS that was way, way worse than the Chuck House CFS. I now have a personal action item to hit the Chuck House original location soon.

Chuck House was also pretty reasonable price-wise. Our check for four was $35, and that included my bowl of chili and the dessert.


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