Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, OKC

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Seems I have had a lot of Tex-Mex recently. Something like four places in the past couple days. One of these was Margaritas. This place was suggested to me by high school classmate and all around good egg Leslie a couple months ago. It was a good recommendation.

We eat at Ted’s a lot, and this particular evening Ted’s looked like they had a line halfway down the block, so I remembered Leslie’s recommendation, and Margaritas was just up the road at Wilshire and May, so off we went.

The place (as I was told) looks like a dump/dive on the outside, it’s in an old hamburger drive in (if it’s raining hard and you want Tex-Mex, this is a good feature since you can park and walk under the awning). The people inside were super, super friendly.

We got the usual setup before dinner. The queso was a little thin and didn’t have a lot of cheese taste, but it was OK. The salsa had a HUGE fresh tomato taste; I really liked it even though I am not a fan of raw tomatoes, it was that fresh tasting. We got flour tortillas to keep the kids occupied while my very cute and restaurant-loving roommate and I talked.

My standard first-time Tex-Mex meal is either fajitas (mixed) or a pair of enchiladas, one beef (ground beef preferred) and one pollo. I got the fajitas this time. They were pretty much perfect. A lot of places tend to burn the onions, but not here. The meat was tender and not charred, and it all tasted really good. I piled up a bunch with salsa, beans, and rice, and went to town.

Raegan got a chicken chimichanga, and liked it. Ian got chicken quesadillas and wolfed them down. Erin got a cheese enchilada and liked it.

The iced tea was great. Our server was very attentive without being annoying. We finished the meal off with sopaipillas and honey (all except the obstinate Ian).

The place only had three tables occupied (out of about 12) when we arrived at 1820, and was only about half full when we left at 1920.

It was good stuff, and I’d happily go back. I need to try the enchiladas anyway.


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