O’Malley’s Pub, Tysons Corner, VA

I did my usual thing for dinner tonight, I fired up Google Maps, and asked for “restaurants near Tysons Corner, VA”. One of the entries was for O’Malley’s. I drove over there (it was about 10 blocks from my hotel, and I didn’t feel like walking this time). It took a couple passes, and I couldn’t find the place. I finally called, and the call was answered as “Crowne Plaza, where may I direct your call?”. The place was in the hotel. Note to O’Malley’s webmaster: this would be a nice tidbit for your website.

I walked the place finally, and knew that I had been in there before. I gave it some thought, and finally remembered that I had eaten breakfast there, when I had stayed in the hotel, which was then a Holiday Inn, about 10 years ago.

I ordered a cup of beef vegetable soup and a Shepards Pie, along with iced tea.

The tea came. It was instant tea, or concentrate. Probably concentrate. It wasn’t totally horrible. But it wasn’t very good, either.

The vegetable beef soup was pretty good. It had more chunks of meat and stuff.

The Shepards Pie was really, really good. It had almost a chili consistency for the filling, and it was more red than most Shepards Pies I have had. It had peas and carrots mixed in. A traditional SP has a spreading of mashed potatoes over the entire top, but this one had scoops of mashed potatoes embedded in the filling. No matter, it was really, really good. I really like cassaroles and the like, and Shepards Pie is at heart a cassarole. The key is the filling, and in this case, the filling was excellent. It wasn’t huge, either, and that was good since I wasn’t terribly hungry.

I got there around 1845, the place was not even 15% full. When I left at 1927, it was about half full. My check was $14.44.

O’Malley’s has a website: http://www.omalleyssportspub.com/

The place had a lot of TVs with mostly sports on; a couple of them also had news on. It wasn’t too loud, but it was louder than most restaurants on. It was also well-lit, which was good since I took my USA Today in to read, and work the puzzles.


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