Phillips Seafood, Washington, DC

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OK, I have to be up front. There is very little that swims or lives in water that I like to eat. Every once in a while, we’ll get Long John Silvers, or my very cute and fish-loving roommate will crisp up some breaded fillets, or I will have some clam chowder, but that’s about it. I like bird and mammal much better. I eat the stuff mentioned above without complaining, but with little relish.

But, one of my work buddies loves seafood, and Phillips in particular, so when we come to DC we always go here.

Phillips is like a triple-sized Golden Corral of stuff that swims. They have a menu, but it’s quite limited. The real reason to go here is the seafood buffet – huge amounts of shellfish, finned fish. Steamed, broiled, boiled, etc. Everyone I have been here with says it is all excellent. I’ll take their word for it. It’s all you can eat/stuff yourself silly with.

They have non-seafood. There is a pasta saute, and they usually have roast beef. Tonight they had a big pork roast, and broiled chicken. And roast turkey in gravy (I had two helpings of this). There is a decent variety of veggies (some excellent skin-on red mashed potatoes tonight). There is also a pretty good salad bar. There are a number of odd things (there was jambalaya, and two different kinds of curry this evening). I had some risotto that was very good, if not less creamy than I would expect.

They have about six flavors of ice cream for dessert, along with a number of cakes, pies, cobblers, and other stuff.

Service is usually very good, they have outstanding iced tea. The place occasionally has quite the wait (tonight not a bit, even though we got there at 1930). My check for buffet and iced tea was $30.

There is also a Phillips we have eaten at in the Inner Harbor at Baltimore. It’s a bit smaller in offerings than the “Flagship” in DC.

You can walk along the waterfront and look at the boats when you are done.


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2 Responses to “Phillips Seafood, Washington, DC”

  1. Livefish Says:

    Very good stuff!
    For Phillips seafood goodies without leaving the house, you might want to check this out:

  2. R Says:

    😦 Seafood, and I’m not there. This is unfair.

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