Mackie McNear’s Steakhouse, Midwest City, OK

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I know I am going to catch a ration of it from my very cute and fiscally conservative roommate, but…

Yesterday I left InnoTech and headed towards work. I was getting quite hungry. I located the Midwest City location of Chuck House CFS restaurant, drove to it, but it is drive-in only. I decided to hit Taco Bueno, but on the way there, I saw Mackie’s, and said the heck with it, I wanted STEAK.

The family and I ate at a Mackie’s a couple years ago, in Edmond. We all got the buffet. It was… OK. I thought it was kind of limited. But when the Mackie’s were Western Sizzlin, they had pretty good steaks, so I hoped that they remembered that the same way I did.

I ordered the (#6, I think) Ribeye. I ordered it medium rare since I knew the steaks were kind of thin. It got there very quickly, and it was medium rare, just like I asked. I like my steaks medium rare to medium, I like the hot pink center. This steak was a little less cooked than straight medium, but it was really good. The steak was swimming in juice (not a bad thing). It was a little bit salty. But the bottom line was that it was tasty, had great beef flavor, and was tender. There was not too much fat on it, either. It was good-sized, and filled me up nicely.

The fries that came with it were OK. My server brought me a wheat roll (really nice, to have wheat rolls and not just white rolls); I usually don’t get those, but I was so hungry it was nice to have. The iced tea was excellent. The service (Brandon, I think his name was), was excellent – prompt without being obnoxious.

So the steak was well worth it. I didn’t look at the buffet to see if it was any better.


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2 Responses to “Mackie McNear’s Steakhouse, Midwest City, OK”

  1. R Says:

    *scowls darkly*

  2. Bill Hensley Says:

    It was even as I feared…

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