Kendall’s Restuarant, Noble, OK

Kendall's Restaurant on Urbanspoon

I have had several recommendations for Kendall’s over the years. I ate at the Norman location probably five years ago, and was not terribly impressed. The Norman location closed at some point. I tried another location in Purcell a couple years ago when I was coming back from Dallas, but it was closed also. But a couple months ago, I was headed down to Dallas, and looking for restaurants when I was between Norman and Purcell, and Kendall’s was at the top of the list – in Noble. Turns out this was the original location.

Today I had the kids down at the National Weather Festival, and decided that Kendall’s would be a good thing to try, since it’s only about five minutes from the National Weather Service in Norman.

I got a Chicken Fried Steak – it was about a 8 out of 10. It was tender and had decent taste. It was clearly hand breaded. There were voids in the breading where there was no meat. The gravy was good, the green beans were really good. The mashed potatoes were OK, as was the corn. It thought it was good value at $8.95.

Ian got a cheeseburger. It was pretty darn good also. The fries were OK. Erin got dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and liked them.

The iced tea was really good.

Our check for the three of us about about $23.

One thing – Kendall’s is cash only, no credit cards.


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