Papa Dios, The Village, OK

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We used to frequent Papa Dios a few years ago, when it was just the two of us. The place is a little expensive, but it has always been very, very good.

We went there this evening, as my very cute but occasionally indecisive roommate had a desire for Chicken Parmesan. She and Ian got that, and it was really, really good. Ian scarfed his completely, and Raegan ate about half of hers (the rest is going to be my lunch tomorrow).

Erin got Fettuccine Alfredo. It was great.

I got Chicken Marsala. The Marsala is a thin sauce that has a really nice, subtle taste to it. It adds a tremendous flavor to the chicken. They cook it with a smattering of mushrooms and capers. I think that the capers could be eliminated in favor of more mushrooms. It’s an excellent meal regardless.

We shared some Balsamic Vinegar and Oil to dip the excellent, crusty bread in.

The salads were OK. The Italian dressing seemed to have less bite than in the past. I do not like a lot of extra stuff on my salad, and I took the olives, tomato, and peppers off mine (in the past, I have requested the salad plain, and it would come that way.

The iced tea had a faint aftertaste of coffee to it; a bit of sugar rectified that. Refills were good.

In the past, I usually got the #9-1/2, which is Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken; this is not for calorie counters, the Alfredo is extremely rich, and they do not skimp on the butter.

Papa Dios is in The Village, a suburb of OKC that has a reputation as a speed trap. I actually try to avoid doing business there as a result, but Dios is so good I don’t mind laying down cash there. Dios is still a bit expensive; our meal for four was $64. We got there at 1755, and were seated immediately. The place was only about 40% full. It was still that full when we left at 1900.


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