Jo’s Famous Pizza, Edmond, OK

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This place was recommended to me by a work friend, as having the best pizza he had ever had.

This evening I took Raegan and the kids there for dinner. Even though the parking lot was pretty full, we were seated immediately.

The evening started out with the server plopping down round pieces of cardboard in front of us. These were to be our plates.

We ordered a couple sets of cheese-covered garlic bread with marinara and ranch dressing to dip them in. The bread was good, but was less than hot.

I ordered a salad. The salad has a lot of stuff on it, including finely chopped up Canadian Bacon, olives, and the like. I asked for all that stuff on the side, and Raegan ate a lot of it. The salad was a mix of spinach and two exotic lettuces, including a purple variety. The ranch dressing was excellent, and it made the salad excellent.

The girls each got a small pizza with various stuff on it. The boys ordered a large pizza with pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, and canadian bacon. The pizza got there in about 20 minutes, and IT was hot! Raegan reported that her pizza was OK, and Erin liked hers OK. The guys pizza, I thought, was really, really good.

There are some things that are absolute in terms of “good, better, best”, but for other things, there is a range of “perfect”. A pretty girl walking by, or pizza, come to mind in this category. I am a huge fan of Hideaway, but Jo’s was right there in the same league. After I thought about it, Jo’s pizza reminded me a lot of the Pizzaria Uno that we got in Chicago a couple years ago. I think that it could have used a bit more pizza sauce, but the crust was wonderful (thin crust) and the loads of meat were excellent.

The iced tea was good, even though it was served in a syrofoam cup. The cardboard “plates” were a little annoying, they made it hard to cut the pizza (yes, I usually cut my pizza to eat it instead of gnawing it, for several reasons).

It was a bit expensive, but mainly because we got no less than three pizzas, and the drinks, salad, two orders of garlic bread, and both kids got an ice cream sundae. The check was $54. The service was goAod.

I would go back here again. Jo’s in Edmond is supposedly an outpost of Jo’s in Purcell. I will make it a point to try the Purcell location also.


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