Bar-B-Que House, Take 2

Barbeque House on Urbanspoon

A couple of us at lunch here last week. I came back to San Diego again this week, and got in around 1700. I-5 was horribly backed up for the northbound lanes, so I decided to get an early dinner at BBQ House. I found it OK again.

I got a combination plate, with a half of white meat chicken, and a couple spare ribs. It was all excellent! The chicken was some of the best BBQ chicken I have ever had. Truely smoked, and with a “medium” sauce that tasted like a medium ought to: just a little bit of sweat on the forehead.

The ribs were pretty darn good also. I rate the spare ribs as a 9 out of 10. The order included about four rib ends also. They were not as good, as they were a lot of fat.

The french fries and baked beans were all really good. I didn’t get any bread, and was offered a third side; I got cole slaw that was a pretty standard mayo-based salad. They had brewed iced tea that we pretty good.

My check was $13.64, which I think was excellent value. Bar-B-Que House is the best BBQ that I have ever had in California.


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