Stevenson’s Barbeque, Pauls Valley, OK

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As I cruised down I-35 on my latest trip, I was getting hungry. I pulled off at Pauls Valley with the intention of grabbing a burger and pressing south, but I saw a big “BBQ” sign on a former Braum’s building, and decided to check that place out instead.

This place was pretty darn good. I ordered a two-meat with chicken and brisket. There was enough there to feed two people, or three if it was me, Raegan, and Erin.

The brisket was really tender. It was a little fatty, but not too much. There was really nice flavor to it. There was a LOT of it.

The chicken was huge! It was a full half chicken, truly smoked, and good!

I had slaw (creamy, not vinegar), and pintos, kind of sweet, both really good, and in good quantity.

Stevenson’s had mild and hot sauces. Both were thin. The mild had a taste I could not place. It was not overly flavorful. The hot was not immediately hot, but had an “aftertaste” that was more spicy. Not too much to detract from the food. I tried the two mixed 50%, and it was just odd. So I would recommend using just the hot to enhance the flavor of the meat. It was especially good on the chicken.

The tea was OK. There was a very slight odd taste to it, but it was also really hot since it had just been made. I drank the first glass of it straight, but the second glass went about 80% unsweetened, then about 5% sweet, then the rest unsweetened, and that was really good. On the way out, I got a DP, and it had the same slight odd taste! I think that it was the water in the place, maybe Pauls Valley did funny things in the water treatment plant.

My check was $14.65. A little high for one, but for a two-meat that was big enough for 2-1/2 people, not bad.


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