Two Frogs, Ardmore, OK

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This is my very first real-time blog post about a restaurant! The hotel next door has an open wifi connection…

I’m at Two Frogs in Ardmore. I have eaten here with work friends several times in the past, but it’s been three years or more. I remembered that Two Frogs was good from the previous visits. I decided to stop here on the way back from my latest trip down to the Dallas area.

I got a Chicken Fried Steak. It was really, really good. Hand breaded, the breading was a little sweet, but the beef was excellent. Fork tender. The server brought more gravy without my having to ask. The gravy was also very good, not too thick. The green beans were decent, and the mashed potatoes were mashed-up former baked potatoes, so they had a lot of texture to them. I even ate the two dinner rolls; I’m not usually into those, but occassionally they are good.

I just ordered dessert, and I tried something new. It’s chocolate bread pudding, with vanilla icing and ice cream. It’s good! Warmed up, which is good given that it’s kind of cold outside. The bread pudding is less dense than a brownie and more dense than cake, about like pumpkin pie filling. It’s also very moist. There is not a lot of chocolate flavor, but there is some cinnamon. I like it! I think there is enough here to share with between two or three people.

Iced tea: EXCELLENT. Got some in a to-go cup. Needed it, I have not had much sleep recently.

The check is $18.31. Kind of high, but the bread pudding was $4.95 of the total.

The service was really good also. The place was not very full when I got here around 1245, and now at 1335 it’s maybe got 25% of the tables occupied.

Ardmore has a winner here.


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