Silky Sullivan’s, Fountain Valley, CA

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After a busted time at hiking, and a busted visit to Fry’s in Fountain Valley, I decided to try this place when I found it via a Google Maps search from the Fry’s parking lot.

I got there about 1800 and got seated immediately. Both the greeter and my server were super friendly, the noise level was just right, and the place was well lit so I could work my USA Today puzzles without squinting. Very promising.

This place claims to be a restaurant and pub, but the closest thing to pub grub was Fish and Chips. No matter. The server told me about some things she liked, and then mentioned the Rib Eye – lots of people ordered it, and it was always perfect. That was it for me. I ordered one, medium, as usual.

I asked about the chili, and she brought me a small sample. It was good so I got a bowl. The chili was kind of Cincinnati style. It was kind of thin, had beans, and had chunks of red and green peppers. That means it couldn’t really decide if it was chili con carne or southwestern. It was good, however.

This is where the meal went kind of downhill. I was eating the chili, and working my puzzles, and about five minutes had gone by, when the steak arrived. It did not look promising. It was charred severely on top. The bottom was better, but one side of the steak was totally black on both sides. The inside was just past medium. I tried a bite, and it was like licking a fireplace log (yes, I’ve done that; don’t ask). After a couple minutes I got my server to come over and showed her the steak. She agreed that it was not good and took it back, after I asked her to make sure they did NOT hurry it.

It came back again in about five minutes! The darn thing was already in the process of charring on top (the bottom wasn’t too bad, but it was rare in the middle). I let the steak sit on the table for about 10 more minutes while I finished the chili, and it finally ended up medium rare.

There is really no excuse for treating beef this way. It was clear to me that the grill was set to Immolate. Why, I don’t know. This was not supposed to be a fast food experience. I told the server this, but if the information made it to the cooks, I have no idea.

The meal was accompanied by a decent baked potato, that included bacon (real!) and sour cream. There was also a medley of unidentifiable peppers or something. I tried a couple of the mushrooms in the mix, and then scraped it all off into the by-now empty chili cup.

The heck of this was that the beef was good beef, but it was not treated well by the cook staff. I do not understand why the cook staff would so blatantly ignore customer requests; it does not speak well of the management practices of the restaurant.

The service was good, and the iced tea was good and plentiful. The place was about 30% full when I got there, and about 70% full when I left about 1855. My check was $27.15.

Will I go back? I do not get to the Anaheim area very often, but even so I like to go back to places I’ve been and liked. I do not think that Silky’s falls into that category.


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