Irma’s Burger Shack, Oklahoma City, OK

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I just knew I was forgetting something. Last week I went to Irma’s for lunch with a friend. I have driven past the Irma’s that is at 63rd and Classen many times, and saw in The Oklahoma Gazette Best of OKC poll that Irma’s had been voted best burgers. So when Pat suggested the uptown location, what could I say?

We got there around 1140 on a Monday and were immediately seated. The place was about 30% full.

There are a lot of things on the menu. We both got the Irma’s signature “No-Name Burger”. This is a six-oz burger that is allegedly made from Oklahoma beef. At $7 a pop, it’s not inexpensive. I found it to be OK. Not spectacular but not bad either. I started the meal with some of Irma’s chili, since it was kind of blustery outside. That chili was pretty darn good. It has the right texture, heat, and taste to it. It was the best part of the meal. We got onion rings to go with the meal, and they were pretty good also.

Irma’s has a CFS that is claimed to be hand-breaded and with home-made gravy; that’s what I am going to try next.

We left around 1300, and Irma’s was about 90% full. The check for the two of us was about $25.00. Service was pretty good; I never ran out of iced tea.

The restaurant’s web site is


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