Petes Restaurant, El Dorado Hills, CA

Pete's Restaurant & Brewhouse on Urbanspoon

A group of work friends and I were looking for dinner last night, and the first place we went to had closed early since it was raining, and business was slow. Petes abutted that restaurant, so we went there instead.

The place was pretty full when we got there. We got seated immediately, but didn’t see a server for about 10 min. We weren’t in any hurry so we didn’t worry about it. The restaurant has a lot of stuff on the menu, including a lot of appetizers (one of us ordered an appetizer for dinner), Italian, and a bit of Tex Mex.

I ordered Chicken Parmesan. It was an unusual presentation – two chicken breasts (not too large), both breaded and fried, but one was covered in Al Fredo and the other in marinara. The Al Fredo was kind of bland, not very rich; the marinara was OK. I got a house salad, the Ranch dressing was pretty good.

The iced tea was somewhat suspect. I think it was concentrate. It was not bad, but it wasn’t really good either. It was not fresh brewed.

Overall, the meal was OK, but the company was better. We got there about 1940, and left around 2030. Service was OK after the slow start. My check was $16.97.


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