Swadley’s BBQ, Oklahoma City, OK

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Today, after returning from the weekend Girl Scout camp, my very cute and hungry roommate announced we were going to lunch, NOW, IMMEDIATELY. She suggested Swadley’s, which we had not visited in some time. So off we went.

The original Swadley’s is down in Moore. We went to the location in a former Grandy’s on Memorial in north OKC. We have eaten at the Moore location a number of times and enjoyed it, and when the location on Memorial opened several years ago we ate there and liked it also. We had only been there once.

We got there and ordered. I ordered a two-meat with brisket and chicken, with green beans and mac and cheese for the sides. I actually got “sweet beans”, I guess that sounded like “green” when I ordered. The max and cheese was excellent, really, really good. The sweet beans were basically baked beans with some brisket in them, and they were pretty good also. The brisket – excellent. It was tender (I got sliced, chopped was another option), and had a good, general taste. It was very lean and didn’t have a lot of beef flavor or smoke flavor, but some BBQ sauce helped that. The chicken was OK, not dry, but it did have some char on the outside. One thing kind of different – the chicken came deboned. The baked beans were OK.

Swadley’s has three different sauces to choose from. One thing – they are served warm! This is great, since cold sauce is not good on hot ‘Q. The classic, sweet sauce is OK, not too sweet. The thick version is basically the same, and is in fact thicker, but tastes the same. The hot sauce is not too bad at all. I found that a 50/50 mix of the hot and classic sauce was pretty good.

Erin got turkey, that was OK, almost but not quite dry, and again without a lot of flavor. Raegan got chicken and turkey, and Ian got a… cheeseburger. He got a significant ration of grief for that. The fries were pretty good.

Overall, Swadley’s seems to be OK. Not bad, not spectacular, but OK. I wonder about how they smoke their meats. The stuff was tender, but just didn’t have too much flavor. Not much hickory? Or mesquite?

The place had one table occupied when we got there around 1500 Sunday afternoon. Those folks left after about 10 min, and another table was seated as we left around 1600, so it wasn’t too busy. Our check for four was $49 and some change. Swadley’s has servers who will fill your iced tea for you periodically, or you can self-serve. The tea was good; Raegan got sweet tea at one point, and it just about knocked her fillings out, it was so sweet.

The cheeseburger, BTW, wasn’t bad either.


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