Trails Cafe, Holton, KS

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Holton is a nice little town on US 75 between Topeka and Omaha. I’ve stopped here at the Diary Queen, and at the Trails, several times before. There is a very nice, shady park, and a nice downtown to go through.

Today a work friend and I were headed back to Oklahoma City from Omaha, and left Omaha in time to get to The Trails for lunch. We got there about 1200, and the place was mostly full.

Both Ron and I ordered 4-piece Broasted Chicken. Ron got the standard package, and I got the all-white option (two breasts, two wings).

I got a cup of chili as well, since it was about 10F out. The chili was good, just the right amount of spice, and mostly meaty. It did have kidney beans in it. There was a lot of juice also. Yum.

The meal came with a trip to the salad bar. The salad bar was very basic. Just iceberg lettuce, and then some big carrots, some other stuff. There was some very, very good potato salad. I like my potato salad to be kind of creamy, and this stuff had a good mix of mayo and mustard, and not too much celery. Very good! The ranch dressing was also good.

The chicken was perfect. It had a crunchy skin, was not dripping grease, and had fantastic flavor. All four pieces were plump and meaty. No salt needed. The chicken came with seveal options. I got mashed potatoes and gravy. That was pretty good, but the chicken just overshadowed the rest of the meal in terms of sheer taste. It was that good.

I’ve had Chicken Fried Steak here before, and it was really, really good. The cheeseburgers are also.

After the chicken, we both got a scoop of ice cream. Great!

At some point, I noticed that my Blackberry had locked onto a wifi router, and had internet access. I brought my laptop in and got on, then was able to take care of a couple issues, and knock off some email that needed to be answered. I don’t know who that wifi connection belonged to, but thanks!

We left around 1300, and the place was still mostly full. My check was $16.64. Service was very good. The iced tea was excellent and kept full.


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