Filippi’s Pizza Grotto, San Diego, CA

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Oh, this was not a good experience. It’s a couple hours after the meal, and I have heartburn or something. Ack.

I ate at this restaurant about 10 years ago on another visit to San Diego. I saw it as I was driving to the hotel for this latest visit. After I ate there, I remembered why I haven’t eaten there in 10 years…

I got there around 1845 and was seated immediately. The place was about half full, and was when I left at 2005. I had a bit of a wait for the server to notice.

I ordered dinner and a Ceasar Salad. What was delivered was a salad with ceasar greens, with a lite Italian dressing. It wasn’t too bad, but it was not what I ordered. It came with a loaflet of white baked bread that wasn’t too bad.

The iced tea was terrible. It tasted like… algea. I wonder if the tea maker hadn’t been cleaned in a while. I could not tell if the tea was fresh brewed, or concentrate, or instant. Yuk. I actually asked to switch to Coke, but they are a Pepsi-only place, so I just stuck with water.

The main course was Chicken Marsala. It was a biggish bowl of linguini, with some chunks of chicken, some sliced mushrooms, and a LOT of chopped garlic in a marsala wine sauce. It smelled a little funny. It wasn’t very good. I ate most of it, but I am apparently paying for it know. I wanted to get this blog entry posted in case I die overnight…

The total for the meal was $21.64. I was at the location on Kearny Villa Road. Not recommended.


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