Bellagio Ristorante, San Diego, CA

Bellagio Restaurante on Urbanspoon

A guy at a meeting I was at today recommended this restaurant; it is east of I-15 on Claremont Mesa Boulevard. A group of work friends and I got there this evening for dinner. We got there around 1730. There were people at two other tables.

I had one of my rare glasses of wine (white zinfandel). It was pretty good. I also had a glass of iced tea. It was pretty bad, I think it was a concentrate.

Service was uneven. The guy who was supposedly our server disappeared for long perods of time. One of the other servers took up the slack; she didn’t let the glasses get too empty.

The meal comes with heavily garlic-ed breadsticks. I ate a lot of them. Each table was also provided with a dish and bottles of Balsalmic Vinegar and EVOO to dip the bread in. Very nice.

I ordered Chicken Fettucine Alfredo. It was OK. The alfredo had a taste that I’ve had at some other restaurants, it’s an not wholly unpleasant herb, but it overrides the creamy goodness that Is Alfredo. The chicken was OK.

My check was $27.95. Kind of expensive for a mediocre meal. We left at 1848.

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