More Republican Serial Lying

Since Saturday, there have been four instances of Republicans just out and out lying about the Obama Administration and its handling of the so-called Underwear Bomber. The guy was arrested in the United States, read his Miranda rights, and has been reportedly cooporating with the Feds.

Susan Collins did the Republican weekly radio address and an interview with NBC, Lindsay Graham did an interview on Fox, and Mitch McConnell addressed the Heritage Foundation. In each and every case, the Republicans (I suspect they were pre-programmed with Republican Robot talking points) went on about how the Underwear Bomber had “lawyered up”, was provided a lawyer when he was not supposed to have been, and should have been interviewed longer (or, I guess, just tortured). All of these claims are, of course, bullshit.

The difference is that the Obama Administration has finally started hitting back on this crap. The Attorney General sent a letter to Mr. McConnell telling him all the things he had said that were wrong. One of the things pointed out was that the Bush Administration tried more than 300 people on terrorism-related charges in civilian courts, with lawyers. If all of these Republicans did not stand up and critiize the Bush Administration for doing that, then they are either liars or hypocrites, or both, now.

I would not mind if the President hired a couple of people who would just send letters to members of Congress and to pundits who spread lies. I’m sure this would kill dozens of trees (there is a lot of lying going on), but eventually, the liars would stop and would maybe start doing something to benefit the country.

I’ve said before, having a policy difference of opinion is one thing. Argue the for and/or against position, and let the marketplace of ideas decide. But a lie, masked as “criticism”, is intellectually dishonest, and a lot of times, cowardly.

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2 Responses to “More Republican Serial Lying”

  1. More Republican Serial Lying »Coolweather Says:

    […] ========================= We are not claiming to be the original source of this post, some links might be automatically be removed, so see the original story at: republicans « Tag Feed […]

  2. Margert Swanston Says:

    Usually, I am not awfully keen on politics on the whole – but, now and again all of us have to pause for thought. There are a few very good issues raised here, and I’m taking notice – thanks.

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