Sometimes It Pays To Walk Around

I’ve been flying into SAN for years. I think my first travel there was in 1986. I’ve been there dozens of times. I have flown mostly into or out of Terminal 2. Once out of the Commuter Terminal, and a number of times in or out of Terminal 1. I have always found Terminals 1 and 2 to be a lot like the old OKC terminals – unrelieved brown-gray concrete. There isn’t a good choice for food in Terminal 2 or the Commuter Terminal, but Terminal 1 has decent choices.

Today I got out to SAN early for my flight out, and had a bit of time on my hands. I was in Terminal 2. I didn’t want to fire up the computer, so I decided to take a walk. I went around from the east side of the Terminal (where American is based), around the big loop to the west side.

WOW! Once you get to the first part of the west side, there is a food court! I had no idea it was there. The terminal has high ceilings, and wood and glass, and looks good. There are a number of sit-down restaurangs, and a couple of book/newspaper sellers. There is a really cool fountain towards the end of the terminal as well.

The gates have better chairs, there are plugs for power, and there are more chairs as well.

The whole thing is open and light and airy. I like it!

I am glad I took the walk around. That opened up a number of food choices that I had no idea where even there.

SAN is building a new terminal, I hope it is built like the west side of Terminal 2.

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