Lee’s Sandwiches, Oklahoma City, OK

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I noticed this place on Classen in Oklahoma City a couple years ago as we passed by. It’s near the meeting place for Ian’s Scout troop. This is useful, since I often drop him at the meeting, and go camp out and catch up on work, or do stuff at school, until the meeting is over. I like my “camping” spot to have iced tea and things like cookies.

I looked it up online, and found to my surprise that it was a chainlet. I was out in California a couple weeks before, and found that I had passed right by a Lee’s in Garden Grove, CA several times.

So today, after a Girl Scout activity, we decided to check Lee’s out. We got there around 1220 or so, and left around 1330.

The smell of baking bread in the place when we walked in was wonderful!

We noticed pretty quickly a couple signs that said that Lee’s was cash only – no credit cards. Curiously enough, the place DOES take gift cards! I am sort of biased against most places that don’t take plastic. It’s almost as if they don’t want customers; I can certainly comply with that.

One thing I just remembered – there is an ATM in the place for people to get cash to pay for a meal. The ATM is owned by Lee’s. So they don’t take credit cards, but they will gladly charge a $2 fee for you to get money to spend in their store – a nice little racket.

I ordered a daily special of beef stew and a baguette. The bread was really, really good, and it was HUGE. The stew… not so much. It was in a thick gravy. The taste was an herb I didn’t recognize. Raegan said it was coriander. I did not like it. The stew consisted of big chunks of carrots and beef. The beef was tough and tasteless, stringy, and had a lot of fat. I tossed it after having about 1/3 of it. It takes a LOT for me to toss food. The baguette came home with us, so we can have it with dinner.

Erin had a ham and cheese that was heated it. It was OK. Raegan had a ham, turkey, and cheese. It was OK. The bread was the best part.

The place had wifi. The iced tea was OK. Our check for three was $22.82. I do not think I will go back again, at least to this one. I might try a Lee’s in one of the towns I visit to see if they are the same.


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