Pappy’s BBQ, Oklahoma City, OK

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I was driving over to a certain hamburger place for lunch today, when I drove past Pappy’s. It’s on the corner of Reno and May Avenue. I’ve driven past it a lot over the years. Once (this has to be in the mid-80’s) I went there for breakfast, when the building was some other restaurant altogether.

So today, I looked at it as I was waiting for the light, and decided that I had had enough cheeseburgers for one week (surprising even myself) and had not had enough BBQ (less surprising). I flipped a U by the Fairgrounds and headed back.

I got there shortly after 1100. There is a Pappy’s Cafe next door. The BBQ place had about 10 tables, and two of them were occupied. The people running the place were super friendly. I had my order carried to a table before I had paid for it.

I got a two meat with ribs and brisket. The ribs were excellent – an 8 out of JTs. They were not the most meaty ribs I’ve had, but they were tender, had that dark red crust on the outside, and did not have the “grilled” taste. They were not terribly smokey, which in this case is too bad.

The brisket – on reflection, I think that brisket was the best I’ve ever eaten! It was really moist, without being greasy.

They had three kinds of BBQ sauce – mild, sweet, and hot. The mild was good but had little bite. The sweet was pretty bland. The hot wasn’t very hot and had good flavor. I mixed the hot and mild about half and half and liked it.

I got slaw and beans for the sides. The beans were outstanding – great taste. The slaw was a good, basic creamy slaw. The two sides were great.

The iced tea was excellent and strong and serve yourself. Great stuff.

The meal is served on a piece of wax paper on a tray. The serving sizes were a little small. There were two ribs and maybe 4 oz of brisket. My check was $14.21

Overall, this was a good meal, if perhaps a bit expensive. I would be glad to eat here again. I may even have to try out the cafe next door.


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