Roosters Cafe, Jones, OK

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Oh my, oh my, oh my. This was a day to remember in restaurant eating. Today, I ate the largest chicken fried steak that I have ever seen.

This evening, my very cute and restaurant-loving roommate and I were cooking-averse. All the food in the house was frozen. We decided to eat somewhere, preferably a new place. We picked up Ian at the house, and we remembered a restaurant in Jones that had been profiled in the Oklahoma Gazette or on Discover Oklahoma. I fired up Google Maps on the Blackberry, pointed it at Jones, and asked it to search for restaurants near there, and Roosters popped up. We headed out there; it was a short drive.

We got there around 1730. Roosters was about 1/3 full. We were immediately seated and ordered.

We ordered onion rings, and I ordered a bowl of chili as an appetizer. Raegan and Erin ordered fried catfish, and Ian ordered chicken fingers. I got the large chicken fried steak.

The drinks arrived, and the onion rings. The rings were fantastic! Obviously breaded and cooked right there in Roosters. They tasted great, were nice, sweet onion, and weren’t greasy.

The chili was great! It was made out of chunks of beef, and just thick enough. It was warm, but not overly spicy hot. Our server advised me to not fill up on the chili as she walked away.

The fish arrived. It came with two sides, that Raegan and Erin both said were good. The fish, they both reported was excellent. Tasty and just crunchy enough. The fish was the Friday special. It was only $6.

Ian said the chicken strips were good, and he ate them all.

That Chicken Fried Steak: It Was HUGE:

That platter is about a foot long and 6 inches wide. That is the single largest CFS I have ever seen! It was really good, also. The CFS was fork-tender everywhere except one place on the edge. They hand-bread the CFS there. The CFS was good, it wasn’t as full of beef flavor as others have been, but it was good. It came with two sides; I got corn and green beans for the sides, and they were good also. It was some work, but I got it all down without any pain.

We took a lot of food home. Erin had leftover fish, and I didn’t eat most of the chili. That was a LOT of chicken fried steak.

The iced tea was excellent.

The regular CFS is $7.50, and the large is $8.50. The relative size: for a $1 increase, you get about 3x the CFS.

We headed out about 1900. Our check was $40.94, which I think is a tremendous value. We got a heck of a lot of food for that money, and it was all great! I was impressed by Roosters.

Service was good even though the place was about 90% full when we left.


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