El Pollo Chulo, Bethany/Oklahoma City, OK

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We have driven past this place about 100 times over the past couple years. It reminded me of the El Pollo Loco chain in California, a place I really like.

So this evening, we decided to eat dinner here since we were tight on schedule, and the place is fairly near the school. There are apparently two of these, one down on 23rd, and this one on 50th, just east of MacArthur.

Erin ordered grilled salmon and french fries. They were not really fries, they were more baked potato wedges. I really liked the one I snagged. Erin said it was all good, and she ate most of hers.

Ian got a chicken burrito. He ate all of it. That says something.

Raegan got a deluxe chicken burrito, with added beans and stuff, and thought it was OK.

I got a half grilled chicken. It was small. The parts that had some decent meat were very good. The chicken is marinated in a citrus bath that adds a faint but pleasant flavor to the meat. The only downside is that the chicken was significantly charred on some parts of it. I got a Spanish Rice/Pinto Beans combination for one of my sides, and spaghetti (REALLY!) for the other. Both were good, I wouldn’t mind having the spaghetti as a main dish.

The tea was good, and self service.

This place was not anything like El Pollo Loco. It was kind of an odd combination of Chipotle Grill, and Moe’s, and something else.

The place had one table occupied when we got there at 1730, and one table occupied when we left at 1830. Our check for four was $32.55.

The place has wi-fi. I have taken to scanning all restaurants and “public” places for wi-fi, since the Blackberry makes an excellent portable scanner.

I would eat here again.


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