Warren’s Lobster House, Portsmouth, ME

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OK, so Bill is not a big fan of seafood. I don’t mind fried whitefish (think Long John Silver’s), and I like clam chowder, but for various reasons I don’t eat much fish.

One of the guys at a meeting I was at in Boston was stationed in Portsmouth for a while, and he said that Warren’s was the very best lobster around. So we decided to drive up there. I added two new states to my list – New Hampshire and Maine.

It was about 70 miles from where we were west of Boston.

I ordered a couple orders of onion rings. The rings were prefabbed but were not bad. They came with “boom-boom” sauce, which was (as the server said) “mayonaise and some other stuff”. It was really good, with just a bit of spicy bite.

The salad bar was really good. The ranch was a bit thick, and excellent. There were four kinds of leaves to choose from, and cole slaw and a bunch of other stuff to put with the salad.

The other eight guys got lobster, most of them got the two lobsters for $32. I had a couple bites, and while it wasn’t bad, I am still not motivated to get lobster as a meal.

I got a 14-oz New York Strip. It had decent flavor, and while it was a medium well instead of medium, it wasn’t too bad. It came with rice pilaf that was good.

The iced tea was really good! I got a scoop of ice cream for dessert.

The service was OK. We had an 18% extorted forced tip, so this place is off my “by-choice” list. My check (with extorted tip) was $58.68.

The place was about 20% full when we got there at 1830, and emptying out when we left at 2100. I heard it closes at 2000.

It’s right on the waterfront, so it probably had nice views, except it was dark when we got there. If you like lobster, everyone said it was really good.


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