The Barking Crab, Boston, MA

Barking Crab on Urbanspoon

OK, so I am not a seafood fan, but friends of mine are. So after visiting the New England Aquarium, the Barking Crab was on the way back to where we had parked the car, so we decided to eat here for lunch.

We got there around 1300, and the place was pretty much full. It looks like a dump, BTW.

Ron got crab cakes and pronounced them excellent. His came with some onion rings that were excellent; they had to been made fresh. I liked them.

I got shrimp scampi, but with sauteed chicken since I’m not a huge fan of shrimp. The chicken was OK, it was in a couple biggish slices, and it was in a bowl of thinnish noodles and a very thin broth. It was not terribly tasty. I ate all of it, but it just wasn’t impressive.

We got iced tea. The sever said they brewed it there, but it had a significant coffee aftertaste to it. I tried to mask it with sugar, but it wasn’t enough. I switched to Coke instead.

We left around 1450, and the place was still packed. My check was $21.13.

If I went there again, I’d try a cheeseburger. One a couple tables away looked pretty good.


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