Cerro Grande, Lexington Park, MD

Cerro Grande Llc on Urbanspoon

I picked this place out by pointing Google Maps at my hotel here, and searching for restaurants. This place popped up with a large number of positive reviews.

I looked “Cerro Grande” up on Babel Fish, and got back “Big Hill”.

I got there around 1800, and left around 1900. The place was almost empty the whole time.

I got mixed beef and chicken fajitas. It was all really good! The meat was tasty and tender. I ate every scrap. The salsa was smooth and good, but had little spice. The chips were good, and the iced tea was excellent.

I had only one small gripe; my server tended to disappear for lengthy periods. I looked around one time, and saw him sitting in a booth watching a TV on the wall. It took a bit to get his attention to get my tea refilled, and another bowl of salsa. He got the tea but not the salsa, and I had to wait until another family came in for him to get up and me get his attention again.

The place was well lit, enabling me to work the USA Today puzzles in good light.

My check was $13.93. No sales tax!


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